Choosing the Right Pet

Choosing the Right Pet

Are you thinking of getting a new pet or buying a new pet for someone?

If you’re thinking of buying a pet, either for a gift, for yourself or your family, here are some tips.
It is extremely important to know that the receiver(s) wants a pet. Though it seems obvious, this is a common mistake. A pet does not have a happy life in the hands of someone who really didn’t want one. It is also very important you do your research on what breeds match the receiver’s lifestyle the best. The right pet for the right person ensures that the receivers will be ready. There is a lot of good information on the internet to help with this decision.

In the case of dogs, is the prospective pet owner looking for an animal to relax with or to hike with or maybe they are not home a lot and the owner needs a pet that can take care of him or herself while away from home? Is it a family with small kids or no kids at all? Is the owner a jogger and needs a running partner? Maybe the owner is looking for a dog that can help around the ranch or farm with livestock or servicing a disabled family member.

Do you want to get a pet from a specific breed rescue or shelter or a reputable breeder? There are many things to consider….mixed breeds vs. purebreds….rescuing an animal that doesn’t always have a positive past history vs. getting a puppy to develop from the beginning. Maybe an animal that is already housebroken would be a better fit.

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